Imagine having a product that requires no explanation and is already at the center of a $100 billion industry where over 2 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world everyday!
Now is the time to take advantage of this “history in the making” opportunity in an ever-growing global market.
Healthy coffee is trending upward and is a new, exciting version of a product that needs no explanation.
Here’s just 5 reasons why joining Healthy Coffee Global makes so much sense:
• Priced below market average
• Already established in over 20 countries with an eye on over 100 countries within the next 5-10 years.
• Attracts traditional business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking for a way to expand their horizons.
• Word of mouth marketers that have grown tired of hearing and seeing only more of the “same old, same old” within this industry.
• The next BIG thing, a business opportunity of tomorrow that you can take advantage of today.
Whether you’re excited to open your own café, or you can imagine a café owned by someone on your team, either way it pays you.
But that’s just the beginning – If you love direct sales you can create hundreds or even thousands of clients by placing our stand alone vending machines and dispensers in preferred locations with some doing over 100 cups of coffee in a day.
Whether you’re excited to place your own vending machines and dispensers or someone on your team places them, either way it pays you.
Perhaps you see the big picture of what a Healthy Coffee Relationship Marketing
Business could mean when building one yourself.
It all begins when you join our team as Healthy Coffee Global member!